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Japanese used car auction agents & exporters have been the leading and most trusted Japanese used car auction agents and used car exporters since 1990. With over half a million used cars for sale from auctions, dealers and tuners throughout Japan you're sure to find the car of your choice.
We have Japanese used car auctions online and our trained and experienced staff actually attend the auctions to inspect and bid on the vehicles you select, unlike many other so called exporters who never attend the auctions and will quite happily bid on cars they havent inspected, placing you and your money at great risk. Handling all aspects of Japanese used car auctions and export brings you quality and efficiency. The online auctions we provide are the actual Japanese used car auctions where the Japanese car dealers buy and sell their stock, the Japanese public cannot attend them. We offer these auctions to you so you can browse and select your next quality used Japanese import car with ease. The cars are inspected by qualified engineers prior to auction and a grading report is then presented with each vehicle. You can view photos of the vehicles, the vehicles details, grading and the starting prices. You can also review the recent selling prices from data of previous auctions to gain an idea of how much similar vehicles sold for in recent weeks. can act on your behalf as your auction and export agents and will handle all aspects of the Japanese used car auctions and the export of vehicles providing the necessary paper work required for export and import, booking vessels for shipping and arranging ocean freight insurance. We can also assist with Customs clearance and arrange vehicle compliance in most countries.
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Japanese used car auction agents and exporters of used cars world wide. Used car buyers agents in Japan. Professional car inpsection service at auction to ensure you don't buy a lemon.
Auction agents & exporters shipping Japanese used cars world wide. Car imports direct to New Zealand, Australia, UK, Cyprus, Ireland, Caribbean, Russia, Middle East, Africa & world wide.

Member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association
Japan Used Motor Vehcile Exporters Association - buy with confidence  from one of Japans most trusted exporters
Authorized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

Exporting all Japanese, European and American brands from auctions in Japan since 1990.

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